10 Secret Video Game Areas You Weren't Meant To Find Letöltés

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  • 2019. aug. 8.

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  • Pyrisk
    Pyrisk 1 éve

    So Bethesda screws up and leaves the door unlocked to the room with unreleased content then bans players who found it? Wow. I didnt think my respect for them could get any lower but I was wrong

  • Zero Accountability

    "Gotta keep the old clam all cleaned up"

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 1 éve

    Ash pretty much is a hidden character in whatculture gaming. She should show up at the end of others videos reptile style

  • ReviledShrine
    ReviledShrine 1 éve

    Dear YouTube. Two adds in one makes me not want to view your platform.

  • Evil409
    Evil409 10 hónapja

    "The unlockable Ash"? Now that's a cool gamer way to say you're single lol

  • David Meyer
    David Meyer 1 éve


  • EPOC 16
    EPOC 16 10 hónapja

    The Chris hulihan room was 100% intended to be found. It was there on purpose. They just made it harder to find.

  • Geso Taiga
    Geso Taiga 6 hónapja

    Shows everyone in the team and pans over to Ash

  • Ellis Coleshill

    Did anyone else notice the Half Life clip they showed on Sins entry on the list?

  • timothy thompson

    Glitching through the map in the division and walking around central park.

  • Gunthel
    Gunthel 1 éve

    "OOO,MMM, rub a dub dub noises"😂🤣

  • Juan Snow
    Juan Snow 1 éve

    Resident evil 4 glitching through the fence and walking to oblivion

  • Black Market
    Black Market 10 hónapja

    Clicked it by seeing Shadow of the Colossus!

  • Borris G
    Borris G 1 éve

    You don't need to glitch to get into Houlihan's room. You run from Link's house to the pit you drop down where your Uncle is. You do it quick enough and it happens every time. It has nothing to do with glitching to get there. Maybe you CAN glitch into it. I wouldn't know, I've never got there through glitches.

  • shadowgandalf
    shadowgandalf 1 éve

    That last entry reminded me of when my brother and I played the demo for Playstation 2’s The Getaway. The demo let you play through the first mission, but we discovered if you reach the destination at the end of the car chase but not so close that you stop the time limit, then wait and roll towards the objective as the timer hits 0, (There’s no on screen timer so we had to listen to the sound effect that plays when time is approaching to know when) the game over screen will then trigger, except when you respawn at the start of the chase the enemy car will stop immediately. At that point we were free to explore the entire map with no time limit. If we died then the mission would restart as normal.

  • Gabzloadead
    Gabzloadead 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    FF XV's trial version has the same mechanics of going out of bounds with the Saints Row demo which is cool

  • Rob
    Rob 9 hónapja

    The first 11 seconds of this video consist of the most British sounding combination of words in existence.

  • Marcus: MST
    Marcus: MST 1 éve

    Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness' alternative 1st training level. Its actually fully rendered, has it's own dialogue, enemies and keys!

  • hard mode
    hard mode 4 hónapja

    Girl: remember when games gave demos?

  • dan sloan
    dan sloan 1 éve

    I love me some clean clams!!!