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  • 2020. jan. 16.

  • In today's Hungary travel vlog, we discuss 5 Things You Should NEVER Do in Hungary and Don't Do This in Budapest. There are a few other posts about Hungary: 25 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary Travel Guide, DO'S AND DON’T IN HUNGARY, Visit Budapest - Five Things You Will Love & Hate about Budapest, Hungary, and 3 Crazy Things About BUDAPEST. But none really touch on the things you should never do in Hungary. So I decided to make this travel vlog! This isn't a complete list of what not to do in Hungary , just some things I observed from my recent trip to Budapest, Hungary. If you are Hungarian, a Hungarian expat, or living in Hungary and you have any other suggestions of things related to the topic of don't do this in Hungary , make sure you comment below. Make sure you also try Palinka! Palinka is a fruit brandy! If offered Palinka it is rude to turn it down. Hungary tourism is a big driver of the Hungarian economy, so they do overlook somethings that tourist do, but try to respect the cultural differences when you travel Hungary. Hopefully you can use this to supplement your Hungary travel guide advice and not be viewed as a rude tourist. I love Hungary - don't let the rules or culture differences keep you from visiting. Just be mindful of those cultural differences and enjoy this awesome country. 5 Things You Should Never Do In Hungary Let me start off by saying, if I had to recommend just one city in Europe to visit it would probably be Budapest. It’s got everything, old world charm but in a modern city, the architecture is amazing and exactly what you think of when you think European city, it’s very safe, the food is amazing and it’s soooo affordable compared to comparable cities. 1 - Never clink glasses or bottles together. There was a revolution in Hungary in 1848 that was defeated. Legend has it that Austrians celebrated in Vienna by toasting and clinking their glasses. Hungarians vowed not to cheers with glasses for 150 years. While that time frame ended in 1998 - many Hungarians still do not cheers! It was actually against the law until the mid 1990s! 2 - Never make the Hungry Hungary joke to a Hungarian. It’s one of those things that non Hungarians say to Hungarians and well….it’s just not funny. Don’t do that!!!! 3 - Never forget to tip. After spending 8 months in countries where tipping isn’t customary and sometimes considered offensive, I often forget to tip! In Budapest and Hungary in general tipping is customary. The acceptable tipping rate is around 15%. Side note: Don’t say thank you until you’ve paid your tab. Saying thank you when you pay your tab lets the server know you’re done and you don’t expect any change. So make sure you don’t do that if you want change back. 4 - Never refuse Palinka. Palinka is a fruit brandy that is a favorite with Hungarians. Hungarians like to say Palinka in small amounts is medicine, in large amounts a remedy! You don’t drink Palinka alone - it’s a drink Hungarians have with friends. It’s is a big no-no to turn down Palinka if it’s offered to you. 5 - Never say Buda-PEST. That’s the quickest way to get on a Hungarian’s bad side. It’s Buddah - PESHT. Side note: DONT CALL IT Bucharest! That’s in Romania! I made that mistake…didn’t turn out well for me! In my defense I had one to many Palinka!!!! Also, never miss a chance to hang out at one of the Budapest ruin bars. _ _ ★ Gear I Use: → Camera: https://amzn.to/2VO550N → Action Camera: https://amzn.to/2ApYwIk → Mic: https://amzn.to/2oXCZAU ★ Minimalist Travel Pack I Travel With: → Osprey 30L Porter Backpack: https://amzn.to/2GMNl2b → Sea to Summit Compression Sack: https://amzn.to/2IfCzzW →Perfect Travel Shirt: My audience now gets a 10% discount from http://www.unboundmerino.com when you use the discount code: 30ANDAWAKEUP _ ★ Remote Year: Travel like I do and save $200: https://remoteyear.com/lp/imagine?utm... _ ★ Music: All music sourced from Artlist: https://artlist.io/Kevin-281451 (if you use this affiliate link, we both get 2 months free) _ ★ My blog: https://www.30andawakeup.com ★ I blog for The Budget Minded Traveler: www.thebudgetmindedtraveler.com #hungary #budapest #neverdothis


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    When you hear:

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    "Budapest if safe"

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    If you refuse palinka at 2 AM, you will be likely called “gyenge szar” which means weak sh*t. 😂😇

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    A random American person pronounces Budapest the incorrect way

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    “the people are awesome”

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    Hey there! I wanted to add on a few things, but I've seen most of them, so I'll just try and emphasize a few.

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    I would give my blood for only two things. For my homeland - Poland and for Hungarian brothers.

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    One more thing, especially if you are from US. Don't say "how are you" as a greeting, only if you really want to know.

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    Video poll: have you been to Hungary?

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    "Budapest is safe"

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    All hungarians here: Agressive about what they hate

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