Audi S7 Review, and Test Drive!!! Letöltés

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  • Premier dátuma: 2019. aug. 21.

  • My boy Mike let me drive his 2016 Audi S7 and gave us the whole run down on what this car has to offer! This car launches like a beast, and is so comfortable to drive! 👍 I must admit after driving this car I would definitely love to own one some day!! Check out our other test drive videos in our Car reviews and test drives playlist below!⬇️⬇️ Test drive Playlist: If you like this content make sure you smash that like button, and subscribe for new videos every MONDAY and FRIDAY! Link to Website/Merch: Follow us on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: holly5.0 Links to our gear used in making our videos: Cannon rebel t6i: Zhiyun Crane V2 (Camera Stabilizer): Dji Spark Drone:


  • njt
    njt 5 hónapja

    This kid is like 17 with an S7 lol your parents must have some deep pockets

  • Antonio Edmonds
    Antonio Edmonds 3 hónapja

    The turbos are right under the engine cover.

  • Xbox N Chill
    Xbox N Chill 10 hónapja


  • Mike Sorokin
    Mike Sorokin 1 éve

    Well put together, and I had a great time filming with you brotha!

  • Josh B
    Josh B 2 hónapja

    Good content brotha!!

  • Kinc6id
    Kinc6id 3 hete

    In 17 with a s7 2018 and a a7 2017 there both fun but my s7 so fun I’ma buy a s6 soon there the best cars ever better than the 19 and 2020

  • NoYouAreNotDreaming
    NoYouAreNotDreaming 2 hónapja

    i didnt know audi 7 line came with Bose sound system...

  • Freddy Hansen
    Freddy Hansen 3 hónapja

    Hhaah they dont even know what it is(piano trim) hahahaha rich kids.

  • Wolf Qlf
    Wolf Qlf 3 hónapja

    For how much did he bought it?

  • Attah Sosah
    Attah Sosah 1 éve

    Sick vid 🤘

  • yousef sharhan
    yousef sharhan 5 hónapja

    Mike looks stoned

  • Mr. A6
    Mr. A6 1 éve

    Those paddle shifters are definitely costumed.. dope tho

  • BigBagOfFrikenAirFak

    The s7 has its turbos between the V of the engine instead of outside of it. The paddle shifters are also not stock.