BIG 360 CAM GIVEAWAY!! Letöltés

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  • 2015. júl. 13.

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  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 5 éve


  • BHuynh
    BHuynh 5 éve

    When is Roman gonna bringbacknoah

  • Diego Balbino
    Diego Balbino 5 éve


  • ice soz
    ice soz 4 éve


  • OG MKB
    OG MKB 5 éve

    Try to type in smile more without looking me first- smile mord

  • Bradley Sledge

    I really don't understand why people unlike his vlogs. especially when he gives something away for his viewers

  • Thomas Glaister


  • Marcus Hoban
    Marcus Hoban 5 éve


  • Jamall Starks
    Jamall Starks 5 éve

    ha roman this is my first time ever commenting on a video in my life and i heard about the 360 camera and i thought it wood be

  • Aaro47
    Aaro47 5 éve

    Woooow you got that 1 YEAR AGO! Jeez it has been a quick year :D. I remember when you got it but it was like yesterday :)

  • Carlos Martinez

    Roman you should Periscope

  • keone kaheaku
    keone kaheaku 5 éve

    When you hit 3mil can you do a draw my life

  • Mr7patela
    Mr7patela 5 éve

    This is the coolest house I've ever seen! Would love to see more of it. Greetings from Croatia! :)

  • Brenda Gil
    Brenda Gil 5 éve

    I would love one

  • Hula Giraffe
    Hula Giraffe 5 éve

    You should sign the 360cams or at least Romans

  • Manvir Gill
    Manvir Gill 5 éve

    I Hate People Who Reply to their own comment


    I Would Like The Big Camera but I Already Know Im Not Going it

  • Jordan Dolleman

    thank you for making me smile everyday you have changed my life xx

  • Pavlos Georgiou

    I LOVE YOUR REEF!!! no starfish though :P btw i would love the the 360 camera dont even have a decent normal camera

  • trick star1937

    The iPhone was epic im going to make my friends to keep subscribes to you be cause my friends has lots of yout tube account