Billy Ado & Seqo Billy on 6ix9ine and the REAL Origins of Treway Letöltés

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  • 2020. máj. 15.

  • Billy Ado rebuttals to 6ix9ine's fresh out IG live, to explain absolutely everything about his side of the story, being 6ix9ine right hand man, protecting him from the wrong kind of people until they eventually grew apart right before everything went down. "Trippie tried to warn us about 6ix9ine and we ignored all the signs" - Billy Ado ----- FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly:  Follow us on Soundcloud: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: and adam22hoe on Snapchat


  • No Jumper
    No Jumper 4 hónapja


  • steve done Made it
    steve done Made it 4 hónapja

    Why billy ado talkn like he on a 15 min lunch break nd gotta hurry up nd get back to work🤷🏾‍♂️😂💯

  • Cam Sloan
    Cam Sloan 4 hónapja

    Billy got the facts we all missing from the story its like a director's cut 😂😂😂😂

  • thrupodi
    thrupodi 4 hónapja

    This dude doesn’t breathe when he talk.

  • Jay Corbett
    Jay Corbett 4 hónapja

    I like the guy who just smoked weed the whole time.

  • j jones
    j jones 4 hónapja

    B. Aldo needs to put his story on paper and sell it. This could be a Netflix series.

  • First Name: Katy
    First Name: Katy 4 hónapja

    Imagine how boring this woulda been if Billy didn't talk so fast and wasn't such a good story teller💯😎 He had my full attention the entire time.

  • Sosa 1017
    Sosa 1017 3 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    This is better than vlads police ass interview

  • Lance 210
    Lance 210 4 hónapja

    How this vid only got 1.2 million views n they just exposed 6ix9ine whole story . 6ix9ine won’t respond to them cuz they can argue back with facts.

  • james viau
    james viau 3 hónapja

    Billy Ado had me hooked to this interview. I usually wouldn't sit through a whole interview. But he had me hooked with the story and his honesty.

  • David
    David 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Imagine billy ado & Dame Dash having a convo

  • Nathan Sipues
    Nathan Sipues 4 hónapja

    This would have been five hours long if Ado didn't talk at his speed LOL.

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts 4 hónapja

    69 gotta apologize to this dude he really held it down

  • OJ Marley
    OJ Marley 4 hónapja

    Man he talkin hella fast!!! LMAO he won’t even let his boy get a word in

    JAMES RIVERA 2 hónapja

    Ado call 69 by his government name , brought his red jacket to the interview, also has the original Treyway book. I know Ado grew up watching CSI & Law and Order

  • Jake Fleischer
    Jake Fleischer 4 hónapja

    This guy should have made the case for 6ix9ine in court, he seems to know everything down to the tiniest detail

  • Lobster Butter
    Lobster Butter 4 hónapja

    Billy had so much to say. And seqo came for the free weed lol

  • Desi Vega
    Desi Vega 3 hónapja

    why does Adam keep saying put it on the screen, and nothing comes up? 😂

  • Ateka
    Ateka 4 hónapja

    Dude turns into Jay Z everytime he hits the blunt...

  • RayytheHomeyy
    RayytheHomeyy 3 hónapja

    Whether it's this show, breakfast club, drink champs, whatever, everyone has a better energy rather than on Vlad's shit. They definitely treat him like the feds lmao