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  • 2019. jan. 28.

  • 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' & 'We Will Rock You' songs, cut from the movie for time constraints but included as extra scenes on Digital and BluRay copies, are incorporated here for a complete Queen Live Aid 1985 recreation You can watch the FULL and UNCUT Radio Gaga and Hammer to Fall songs at Bohemian Rhapsody movie 2018 is a Golden Globe Awards 2019 Best Picture. Best Actor was also awarded to Rami Malek by 2019 Oscars, Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild Award 2019 and BAFTA. Enjoy these great songs from one of the great bands, QUEEN, and a tribute to a great legend, Freddie Mercury. This video is a side by side scene comparison of the movie with actual QUEEN performance during LIVE AID 1985 Concert. Kudos to a brilliant performance by the leading actor Rami Malek for this movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 2018 SONGLIST: 00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody 02:56 Radio Gaga - Movie version. Uncut Recreation can be viewed at 06:15 Hammer to Fall - Movie version. Uncut Recreation can be viewed at 09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene) 13:07 We Will Rock You - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene) 14:27 We Are The Champions


  • ClickmasterZ YT
    ClickmasterZ YT 9 hónapja

    Right: Perfect singer

  • Reddestiny
    Reddestiny 1 éve

    The actor of Brian May looks more like Brian May than Brian May

  • Abhishek Bal
    Abhishek Bal 2 napja

    If anyone thinks Brian May was enacted by some actor...Wrong. He simply transitioned from right screen to tbe left.

  • Victor Valdiviezo
    Victor Valdiviezo 1 hónapja

    Sacha Baron Cohen, a veces me lo pregunto, si la hubiera hecho una gran actuacion. Igual es un excelente trabajo de Rami Malek. Gran concierto.

  • Alyssa Calloway
    Alyssa Calloway 1 hónapja

    Sing ABBA's waterloo to the beat of " a crazy little thing called love" you wont be able to get it out of your head . Trust me.

  • Gill Kati
    Gill Kati 22 órája

    If only it was possible to bring Freddie back for a day and one more concert, I wish, I wish, I wish I could see him.

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo 1 éve

    It's sad they never got the right amount of sweat on the remake. Freddy was always a sweaty performer. That added extra detail would have made a massive difference in effect.

  • Haz
    Haz 4 napja

    Imagine getting front row seats to this, that would be glorious

  • Angelo Magtajas
    Angelo Magtajas 1 hónapja

    The actors of John Deacon and Brian May were perfectly perfect..

  • Franco's Stories
    Franco's Stories 1 hónapja

    If You’re having a bad day just remember someone had to perform after him

  • Joseph Gumiran II
    Joseph Gumiran II 1 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    The audiences in the movie are the childrens of the real audiences held in 1985

  • Breno Tresoldi Minzon
    Breno Tresoldi Minzon 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I imagine how many times the actor watched the original, in order to copy EXACTLY the same movements, at the same time. More than deserved Oscar!

  • Colin M
    Colin M 1 napja

    Just leave the original concert in the Film, we all know they are actors.

  • scott maroney
    scott maroney 2 napja

    had no idea they rehearsed. they made it look so that's how they always roll. part of Freddy's genius.

  • TheElixir2
    TheElixir2 1 hónapja

    They didn't know they were living in a historical moment.

  • Stewart Chalmers

    For those 20 minutes the uk was ruled by a different queen.

  • Jet Pana
    Jet Pana 8 hónapja

    20 mins where England was ruled by another Queen

  • Wilma Ferreira
    Wilma Ferreira 1 hónapja

    Fred Mercury...verdadeiro Ícone da boa música, inesquecível ser humano,orgulho da arte de cantar e de encantar milhões e milhões de fans,no mundo inteiro, jamais será esquecido,a você FRED,minha admiração eterna....agora você canta pra nós através,de lá do ""ANDAR DE CIMA"", fique com Deus meu ídolo, aqui te lembraremos sempre....🙏🙏🤲🎵🎶🎼🎤🎆🌹🌷🧁💝💖👍🎸🎶🎹🌈♥️💋💋🇧🇷

  • Richard Koning
    Richard Koning 1 hónapja

    Me: “What instrument are you playing?”

  • Lucian Simionov

    the movie is about celebrating a great musician, none will ever have the voice power and harmony Freddie had.