Budapest: The Best of Hungary Letöltés

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  • 2014. máj. 14.

  • Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | We soak in elegance at the thermal Széchenyi Baths, stomp and slap with traditional dancers at a folk concert, visit the Communist All-Stars in Statue Park, remember Hungary's secret police at the House of Terror, sample some paprika in the Great Indoor Market Hall, and cruise under floodlit monuments on the Danube. © 2004 Rick Steves' Europe


  • nour eddine
    nour eddine 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    We love hungary from ALGERIA 🇩🇿❤

  • nttChris Chris
    nttChris Chris 3 hónapja

    As a native of Bucharest, I salute Budapest, the best city in all of Europe :)

  • TheDymeR
    TheDymeR 5 éve

    I must go to Budapest someday. I love Hungarian people. It's sad, that hungarian language is so hard for slavic countries. Greeting from Poland!

  • Elinora Ní Bhriain

    I would love to live there....Greetings from Ireland :)

  • Elizaveta Hedervary

    Hungary is a nice country.

  • a p
    a p 3 éve

    Greetings from romania!Hope this stupid conflict bettwen countryes ends

  • Doina MCC
    Doina MCC 4 éve

    Beautiful Budapest! Warm hugs and kisses from Romania

  • Poseclop q
    Poseclop q 5 éve

    Love from France to Hungary. Some people from your country changed my life. 

  • AnneLien1987
    AnneLien1987 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    I highly recommend Budapest. It was the best city trip I ever made. Loved it!!

  • panicz83
    panicz83 5 éve

    Isten, áldd meg a Magyart... Gretings from Poland!!!! ZawszeRazem!!! 

  • Anna
    Anna 3 éve

    Me and my mom visited Budapest last year and fell in love with the city and its people! Definitely going back! Greetings from Germany :)

  • WelshNoble
    WelshNoble 4 éve

    We love Hungary! (From Wales)

  • maurice walker

    A beautiful city full of history.

  • Martin White
    Martin White 3 éve

    Greetings from Britain .. Budapest, it's a wonderful city.

  • UmmmWelll
    UmmmWelll 2 éve

    Ummm Budapest The Most Beautiful country on God's earth in my humble opinion. The people are just soo wonderful and warm natured. the country is absolutely fabulous! LOVED this country and just waiting to go back on another trip. Hats off to all Budpest's great people, and THANK YOU for being so nice.

  • Juanka Zarich
    Juanka Zarich 3 éve

    bEST CITY IN THE WORLD... Here from New York...

  • Karl M. Nyman
    Karl M. Nyman 3 éve


  • katebootz
    katebootz 5 éve

    Budapest looks awesome. I hope one day I will be able to see this city. Greetings from Poland.

  • P H
    P H 2 éve

    Beautiful city, friendly people

  • Hools Hools
    Hools Hools 6 éve

    Hungarian Brothers , Polish people always help you!!! Thank you for 11.11.2013 !!!