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  • 2015. márc. 2.

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  • TheAlmightyApe

    Kyle your facial features look just like Matt Hardy, the old WWE Wrestler lol

  • Thomas Slaughter

    @Kyle Laukala

  • __ Vizz
    __ Vizz 5 éve

    Hahah "speak english or dont talk at all"

  • Agent 00
    Agent 00 5 éve

    come to toronto. There has been snow on the ground since December...

  • Abby5734
    Abby5734 5 éve

    Abel is so damn cute

  • SlipknotMaggot0526

    "Speak English or don't talk at all!" haha omg. He's so cute.

  • Xxbamafan
    Xxbamafan 5 éve

    Dude kyle if ur having trouble posting , I don't mind the old classic hooker prank calls with u and cody ... (Please bring those old ones back)

  • Ginthujan Uthayakumar

    "Speak English or don't talk at all" LMAO your still funny Kyle

  • Wayaa
    Wayaa 5 éve

    Come to Toronto where snow melts and comes back overnight...

  • Kalinga Vlog
    Kalinga Vlog 5 éve

    Hey Kyle just want to let you know that we miss you all the time. I hope you do more vlogs

  • Olive Oil
    Olive Oil 5 éve

    Yay a new vlog! Such a cute baby!

  • KSF
    KSF 5 éve

    Kyle! Your baby looks so much like you! Nice name btw ;)

  • City Born Country

    Yea we got no winter in Washington

  • Dishwasher117
    Dishwasher117 5 éve

    "speak english or dont talk at all!" best line ever haha

  • Jesper Andersen

    Dude your post is perfekt !!!! :D

  • Keynu Lee
    Keynu Lee 5 éve

    Aww baby Abel is growing up so fast!!

  • blazereaper1
    blazereaper1 5 éve

    You didn't waste my time man, I like these vlog's/updates. I feel like you're talking only to me, like you know I'm here so it's cool.

  • nanimalanimal
    nanimalanimal 5 éve

    Haha I've had A great snowmobiling season XD

  • Wolf James
    Wolf James 5 éve

    This is the first year ive never been snowmobiling, so I feel ya Kyle😭😭😭

  • Ck 2
    Ck 2 5 éve

    I made it to the 10 min mark :) 3