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  • 2016. máj. 18.

  • DOGS BEING JERKS COMPILATION ►► Dogs are cute, loyal, and man's best friend......except when they are jerks! Watch these mean, bully, and naughty dogs as they steal, bite, chase, ruin, and break everything! Bad dog, bad dog! ►Visit the Clip'wreck Channel to see more awesome, funny, and amazing Compilation Videos! ( ►Follow Clip'wreck on Twitter! ( Music ► ► ► *********************************************************** I am not the creator of this content. I am just a compiler of online content I find enjoyable. For any concerns about content ownership, please contact me at the address listed in my channel description. ***********************************************************


  • God Damn
    God Damn 3 éve

    propaganda put out by cats

  • Dr m
    Dr m 3 éve

    The gangster dogs attacking the cop car were hilarious

  • Daws 001
    Daws 001 1 éve

    The mystery of the missing socks has been solved!

  • MikeFTM
    MikeFTM 4 éve

    Nothing says "no, you're not getting out of bed today" like a 150 lb St. Bernard blanket.

  • Marvin Husbands

    If that camera wasn't there when the dog broke the TV that kid would've been grounded till he was 50.

  • melissa henderson-hagadone

    St Bernard's were bred to find avalanche victims or people lost in cold weather. They were taught to lay on them to keep them warm till help arrives.

  • James Matthews


  • iconoclast
    iconoclast 1 éve

    The kitty at

  • Flying High Again

    Before the cameras started rolling the cop antagonised the dogs by shouting "I prefer Cats" thru the loudspeaker

  • Megan7899
    Megan7899 3 éve

    when the dog dragged the hamster off screen it was hella funny

  • NerotheHuman
    NerotheHuman 1 éve


  • Ruby Winchester

    To be fair the boy who was kicking the dog deserved to get sand in his face

  • Anders Andersson
    Anders Andersson 3 éve (szerkesztve)


  • Salvatore Shiggerino

    What exactly did the cops think they would accomplish by driving the car back and forth?

  • blueslove61
    blueslove61 2 éve

    Still better than cats.

  • Shane Southard


  • Auriam
    Auriam 3 éve


  • Trauma got me sick


  • Casual Caveman

    That dog at the end was like...