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  • 2020. márc. 9.

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  • LawTWINZ
    LawTWINZ 6 hónapja

    ROAD TO 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terence Hughes
    Terence Hughes 6 hónapja

    I seriously can’t be the only one that caught the crazy blond hair slim shady

  • Skullkidliam
    Skullkidliam 6 hónapja

    When Eminem was walking the ground started cracking so could that mean that he's groundbreaking?

  • J3R3M14H
    J3R3M14H 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Just in case you missed it...the woman with the pink dress is MGK's ex

  • 7 Eggs
    7 Eggs 6 hónapja

    When he was puking LEGOs he was saying all that comes out of his mouth is bars

  • Blackmansorrow
    Blackmansorrow 6 hónapja

    Did anyone notice that the RPG came out of the school supplies aisle.

  • Neeraj Sailendran
    Neeraj Sailendran 6 hónapja

    Dr.Dre Don't just stand there operate.........

  • TheMostEpicPotato
    TheMostEpicPotato 6 hónapja

    The scene with him standing on all his CD’s, Juice WRLD’s CD’s were floating above him.

  • Erasablemaster 000
    Erasablemaster 000 5 hónapja

    This video, this collab, juice, em, Dre, cole, Tyson is LEGENDARY

  • Legend Eskimo Boy
    Legend Eskimo Boy 6 hónapja

    “Doctor Dre, don’t just stand there operate.”

  • Savage Wraith
    Savage Wraith 6 hónapja

    It's not Em doing Em dirty. It's Slim Shady killing Em, letting the beast loose.

  • iamjayton806
    iamjayton806 6 hónapja


  • Jared Hudson
    Jared Hudson 6 hónapja

    Em immortalized Juice WRLD. When the goat puts you on a song you will live in hip hop forever. RIP

  • BlueDiePie
    BlueDiePie 6 hónapja

    Nick Cannon: Starts Dissing

  • Julian Marco
    Julian Marco 4 hónapja

    I love the knife part of the video because I think it shows how he or any artist feels these days like there are people or whole groups who are just waiting to spike your carreer or life for every mistake or misstep they make.

  • CaptainAvocado
    CaptainAvocado 6 hónapja

    "won't even lend you an ear"...

  • It'sMeHendrics
    It'sMeHendrics 6 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Yea that scene where hes standing on all the CD's, the ones that are piled up are all of Em's albums, but if you notice the floating CD's, those are all of Juice Wrlds albums... Cole is a genius man. Also Also, that trunk scene is a throwback to the Slim Shady LP cover art (plus, no one seems to notice the UFO flying in the sky in that scene). Also also also, if you listen to the background music after Tyson punches Em out cold, you can hear Ems old track "I just don't give a f", saying the line, "Get knocked out like Mike Tyson). COLE A GENIUS! 🤣🤣

  • HenDi
    HenDi 6 hónapja

    Anyone noticed that the rocket launcher is placed between school supplies?

  • ThaDon 2021
    ThaDon 2021 6 hónapja

    Damn! I can’t imagine what’ll happen when this guy retires?! He makes people THINK whenever he drops an album or just a video! Nowadays videos are just asses shaking and asses mumbling.....

  • ben joseph
    ben joseph 6 hónapja

    Apple music: Em you only get 30 sec to preview of a song...