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  • 2011. aug. 13.

  • A short video of the entire build process, from lofting to launch, of the Fairlie 55. It's the culmination of 13 months filming at Fairlie Restorations in Hamble. The time lapse version will follow.


  • mikemather5
    mikemather5 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I thought I would step back a little and look at a much bigger picture in English history. About 4 1/2 centuries ago off this coast of England the Spanish Armada was fought. It wasn't just the British Navy fighting Spain's massive number of ships. It was the weather. A huge storm also defeated the Spanish Navy. England was building some of the best ships in the world then. Shipwrights of the day have passed on all of that experience for a dozen generations. And here they are, still in Southampton, almost 500 years later. When I watch this video I saw exactly what I expected to see. Old world craftsmanship at it's best. It was the most beautiful thing to watch when this boat was set in the water and raised full sail. - Mike Mather USMC retired, California.

  • Gerson Bruhns
    Gerson Bruhns 5 éve

    Lindo demais !!!

  • melvin boyce
    melvin boyce 4 éve

    Loved seeing all he different skills involved in building a beautiful boat.

  • Capt John
    Capt John 4 éve

    The artistry, craftsmanship....The mouth watering aspects of detail. To know that this still exists though out of the relm of most bank accounts.

  • NoodlesWIU
    NoodlesWIU 7 éve

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen... The love and heart each of your team members has put into this is amazing. Thank you for sharing such a craft that will never be old, and always admired.

  • Судоверфь TV

    Good job, there's a lot to learn. Like.

  • Diego in japan

    this is what really means hand made. awesome  work of art.

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens 7 éve

    Thank you. I'll be uploading a short video of the new Fairlie 53 hull turn soon.

  • Denzil Don
    Denzil Don 11 hónapja

    The most beautiful ever really full of love she will sail perfectly thank you.😍😍😍🌏✨

  • Nikkorix
    Nikkorix 6 éve


  • _ Berger
    _ Berger 1 napja

    Невероятная работа! Одно удовольствие от просмотра и результата.

  • Winston . Churchill
    Winston . Churchill 4 hónapja

    Beautiful lines on such a gorgeous boat! I need one

  • Matt Mannhardt

    OMG, I think I'm in love! Best sailboat videos ever. From the laying of the keel and that three layers of laminate wood hull to the hoisting of the spinnaker.

  • Webb Trekker
    Webb Trekker 2 éve

    Glad I found the original video. Found a guy named TAT Woodworking ripping off this video. Lovely sailboat. I rebuild wood boats and lived aboard for 10 years. Makes me homesick!!!! Sails like dream!!!!

  • el pico
    el pico 4 éve

    just masterpiece, guys!

  • Max Stevens
    Max Stevens 4 éve

    you guys are living the life, great job from what i can see, keep up the good work.

  • chulieho
    chulieho 4 éve

    i don"t even have words just epic. i think i"m going to cry


    Muito lindo, excelente trabalhos de todos, parabéns.

  • James Fitzgerald
    James Fitzgerald 11 hónapja

    Thank you for this video to see craftsmen ship of this quality in this day and age, she took my breath away, what an elegant lady moving in the water!

  • Víctor Manuel Santiago

    looking so beautiful and classic! She make me think to the legendary J type sailboats. :)