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  • 2019. ápr. 4.

  • Atlantis. The name echoes through the ages like a magic spell. Did it really exist? Where is it? Are there any remaining artifacts that can tell us what it was really like? Who were the Atlanteans? Is it all myth, or is it historical fact? 🎞 🍿🎥📽🎬 Watch more free movies on Syndicado TV 📼 Syndicado TV is where you’ll find an eclectic mix of mind-bending documentaries, cult classic films and investigative television documentaries. Discover our other channels with free movies and tv series: ▶️ I Love Docs for documentaries: ▶️ North of Main for Independent movies: ▶️ Syndicado Reality: #syndicadotv #atlantis #documentary


  • Team Atlantis
    Team Atlantis 1 hónapja

    Yo, we're here!

  • Gordon White
    Gordon White 5 hónapja

    Beginning of video: here's a mystery.

  • lbreaper17
    lbreaper17 3 hónapja

    The Atlantians under the sea watching this are like " oh shit they came close" then they laugh it off and get a root beer from a fish bartender

  • JBA
    JBA 1 napja

    Humans: Atlantis isn't real! It's an old Greek myth!

  • TolitsDterrible
    TolitsDterrible 6 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Yup, I'm absolutely certain, without a single ounce of doubt that Atlantis is now the modern city of Bikini Bottom.

  • Sabin Gherghel
    Sabin Gherghel 5 hónapja

    Anyone else here put this video just to fall a sleep ?

  • S D
    S D 5 hónapja

    So during my QUARANTINE I've decided to decode the world's mysteries through YouTube research 🤗🤓🧟‍♂️

  • Sally Gomez
    Sally Gomez 4 hónapja

    Me: how could it be that people forgot a whole civilization like Atlantis?

  • DooplisTheGhost
    DooplisTheGhost 5 hónapja

    I know that this is a re-uploaded video from 10 years ago, but why haven't more scientists payed more attention to the theory of the ruins of Atlantis being the Eye of The Sahara (Richat Structure)?

  • Scott Janssen
    Scott Janssen 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    It's in Vegas. I lost fifty bucks there, but the buffet was decent.

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 3 hónapja

    “A lot of things went bad.”

  • Kearra Israel
    Kearra Israel 1 hónapja

    When they were talking about tarshish on the picture i literally saw a circular ring just like playdough described😕

  • Amaka Obelle
    Amaka Obelle 4 hónapja

    This is what being on quarantine is doing to me.

  • RuuFiss
    RuuFiss 5 hónapja

    2019, we have drones and self driving cars, and they decide to use a balloon to take the pics.

  • MaKDonatdak009
    MaKDonatdak009 2 hónapja

    have anyone considered the ”EYE OF THE SAHARA”

  • Nourhane Atmani
    Nourhane Atmani 1 napja

    im so mad yall didnt find Atlantis by the end of this video. reported.

  • Max Yellow
    Max Yellow 2 hónapja

    😆 everyone seems to know where Atlantis is located.

  • Wild One
    Wild One 4 hónapja

    "The Bull Fertility"

  • TrapKingz
    TrapKingz 3 hónapja

    I saw a comment on another atlantis video that the Emerald Tablets of Thoth was actually the first ancient source that mentions Atlantis and that the texts are way before Plato’s time. What is the truth behind this?

  • Dee Explorer
    Dee Explorer 3 hónapja

    Plato: writes Atlantis while drunk in booties