From SoundCloud to Success with Post Malone: Noisey Raps Letöltés

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  • 2017. szept. 21.

  • In the two years since Post Malone released his mammoth viral single, "White Iverson," his life has been a steady stream of platinum records, cigarettes, and Bud Light bottles. He's mixed lucid trap with pop, rock, and bedroom folk, rising from a SoundCloud sensation to a radio staple, writing for Kanye West, touring with Justin Bieber, and collaborating with everyone from Quavo to 2 Chainz. And, at just 22 years old, his versatility as a songwriter and artist means that his future might be even brighter than his past. In this episode of Noisey Raps, we join Post in Los Angeles to talk about his sudden rise to stardom, his love for music, and his attempts to out-cool his own father. With all the fame and fortune, he tells us, there's always someone waiting to tear him down. He doesn't care. You Should Subscribe Here Now: ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like Noisey on Facebook: Follow Noisey on Twitter: Read our tumblr: Check out our Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:


  • Noisey
    Noisey 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    We join Post in LA to talk about his rapid rise to stardom, his love for music, and his attempts to out-cool his own father.

  • Marijan Piano
    Marijan Piano 2 éve

    Rap Name Generator - man that made my day HAHA!

  • Vincent Meade
    Vincent Meade 10 hónapja

    Post is such a cool dude, he doesnt feel like he's a celebrity just like a normal guy

  • C. Harris
    C. Harris 9 hónapja

    Hard to dislike this guy. He’s just a dude being a dude.

  • ComeHonor Face
    ComeHonor Face 8 hónapja

    Nobody is talking about his friend who makes 365k a year just helping post Malone chug beer

  • n1KE
    n1KE 1 éve

    so much respect for you bruh, ty for the motivation pimp

  • Ofentse Mwase Films

    White Iverson

  • prodscubb
    prodscubb 1 éve

    post malones the only guy who can pull off the beer belly

  • SMA
    SMA 1 éve

    I love how Jared Dines is just chilling in the bus.

  • Boom_Bim
    Boom_Bim 8 hónapja

    He looks like the male version of Riley Reid

  • Trabuko Con K
    Trabuko Con K 9 hónapja

    just imagine if he's friend didn't invite him

  • Smart Rapper
    Smart Rapper 2 éve

    He deserves all of his success. I'm going to take this and try to help others learn from it.

  • Icarus Smh
    Icarus Smh 2 hónapja

    His dad turned down living in a mansion. Shows how good morals his family has

  • Dan Dee
    Dan Dee 1 napja

    I like how he gave his parents that cordial “2 week notice” what a gent.

  • Henry Finman
    Henry Finman 5 hónapja

    "I was broke, had no money, living in closets. But after guitar hero I figured I would try guitar."

  • Joe Joe TV Yo
    Joe Joe TV Yo 2 hónapja

    You Can’t dislike a guy when he opens up with Megadeth and follows it up with the Talking Heads.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 2 éve

    What a

  • anonymous 518
    anonymous 518 9 hónapja

    Young Post don’t even really look the current Post.

  • Roscoe
    Roscoe 8 hónapja

    Postmalone is that one senior that used to wake up in dumpsters after party’s

  • Jen Marie
    Jen Marie 4 hónapja

    Dang, Posty had nice '90s grunge hair going on. He seems like a sweet soul. I hope he does a blues album someday.