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  • 2013. aug. 14.

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  • RaNd0mGaMinG1
    RaNd0mGaMinG1 6 éve


  • D.a.t. R.u
    D.a.t. R.u 4 éve

    I'm not angry while writing this but I don't understand:

  • ChubbyUnicorn22

    Kyle well done. Ur house looks amazing. U come a long way when I first started.watching u. U deserve everything u have.

  • orezzy Stoner
    orezzy Stoner 7 éve

    It seems to be he loves that wig! He Wore it in like 3 vids XD

  • Erica Hayes
    Erica Hayes 6 éve

    I'm a ginger and people actually use to kick me for whatever they called it kick a ginger day and it sucked until I was complimented every day for my hair color

  • Sharee Collins

    That moment when you realise kyles a ginger

  • checkle1
    checkle1 7 éve

    awww, you're growing up! It's about time -_- hahaha

  • laurenn3285x
    laurenn3285x 6 éve

    There's only been like 2 born, but there such thing as a gingin

  • KittYKlutZ01
    KittYKlutZ01 7 éve

    For a second, I thought your hair was real. xD Also, I never knew what a ginger was until this video, I've heard it before and was like 'wtf is a ginger.' xD

  • Joel Cropley
    Joel Cropley 7 éve

    Kyle I laughed so much at the Ginger history day thingo, Made my day. Also I'm ginger and I don't get hated on too much

  • Madison Arrowood

    Your house is gorgeous, your baby is gonna be blessed so much!

  • ZerohFault
    ZerohFault 7 éve

    "Does the carpet match the pubes?" ~Kyle 2013

  • SZGames222
    SZGames222 7 éve

    Kyle said "Jokes are starting to hurt feelings..." Lol, how ironic Kyle!

  • Saud
    Saud 7 éve


  • Brett Menchin
    Brett Menchin 7 éve

    The revolution of the gingers has begun! xD

  • Hey hey Aves!
    Hey hey Aves! 7 éve

    Rachel sounds exactly like my cousin OMG!!!!

  • TrailBlazers245

    I see Kyle doing what Cartman did. Started that ginger army.

  • 420highallday!

    @wack tacos yeah* proper spelling, never heard of it?

  • Kevin Metts
    Kevin Metts 7 éve

    This is like when cartman realizes "gingers do have souls"

  • Frank Alviar
    Frank Alviar 7 éve

    There is no gingerism in Canada. We love Wendy's. we have a saying, "so many gingerrs in Scotland!"