Hungary in 4K Letöltés

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  • 2020. ápr. 30.

  • A short video of my bike trip to Hungary. Sadly, certain circumstances had cut my trip a bit short, which resulted in a very limited amount of footage. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to visit such places as Sopron, Lake Balaton, Budapest, and others!) This trip took place in August 2019. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Follow me on social video for more travel photos and videos: Instagram: Facebook: Filmed and edited by Gleb Soloviov.


  • Aaron Yong
    Aaron Yong 5 hónapja

    Another beautiful piece. bravo bro! I was only in Budapest. Am sure there is so much more to see in Hungary. Must cover them the next time from the drone's point of view.

  • Bob Menasian
    Bob Menasian 5 hónapja

    Wow man, that was brilliant. One breathing taking shot after another. That time lapse tracking shot of the palace and then the lights go on! AMAZING! Bravo Gleb!

  • Dávid Kacsári
    Dávid Kacsári 5 hónapja

    Wow. This is awesome, cuz ppl usually dont see hungary mentioned in media. At all. Great job dude

  • koteczek_QwQ
    koteczek_QwQ 1 hónapja

    I love hungary

  • Laura Orbán
    Laura Orbán 2 hónapja

    This gave me goosebumps. Thank you.

  • wasiu
    wasiu 2 hete

    3 3 3

  • Attila The Hun
    Attila The Hun 4 hónapja

    😔 i miss u my home..

  • ConcededHades80

    Also, please make a video of Copenhagen, Denmark. I really loved staying there and I miss it a lot.. ❤️😭

  • Andrey Voronin
    Andrey Voronin 5 hónapja

    Потрясающая работа.

  • Karen Mayer
    Karen Mayer 1 hónapja

    Beautiful! Great idea to take drone on travel. Breathtaking.

  • Antal Balogh
    Antal Balogh 3 hete

    This country could be amazing. Just the peoples in it ruin all of you saw. My hearts crying for it:/

  • Royalx
    Royalx 5 hónapja

    Mi magyarok mindenhol ott vagyunk.

  • Marcell Kóka
    Marcell Kóka 3 hete

    im hungarian and this.... wow great video thank you

    VOYAGEO 2 hete

    Bonne vidéo je m’abonne au passage viens voir ma chaîne je fais des vidéo de voyage 😄

  • KIA Vit
    KIA Vit 5 hónapja

    Очень красиво отснято. Так держать!!!!

  • trainking 777
    trainking 777 1 hónapja


  • Nina Zabala
    Nina Zabala 2 hónapja

    hi! is it possible to send you a private message?

  • Ádám Mészáros
    Ádám Mészáros 5 hónapja

    Sopron :)

  • Gopro Time Travel
    Gopro Time Travel 1 hónapja

    Nice chanel👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • ConcededHades80

    Hungary is a great place, but doesn't have high mountains. I prefer Slovakia for mountain lovers.