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  • 2020. márc. 17.

  • So Hungary has been one of those countries that were quite a bit polarizing for us. Nat preferred the calm, more back to the basic north while I preferred the south. Either way, in this video we don't focus on Budapest at all. So watch it and make up your mind or even better, visit this amazing country and you can share your own experience. ******************************************************************** If you like the video, then please give us a thumbs up, SUBSCRIBE, hit the BELL and let us know what you think in the comments below. Click the bell button so you can get all our new videos as we post them. ********************************************************************** You can also connect with us on Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ********************************************************************** PODCAST Links: Apple Podcasts (iTunes) - Spotify - Spreaker - Google Podcasts (Google Play) - Deezer - Podcast Addict - Podchaser -


  • Peter Jeager
    Peter Jeager 8 hónapja

    You don't have to move more than 30 miles from Lake Balaton in any direction to find remote villages with friendly traditional people like the ones in the north. The divide you experienced is more about touristy/city vs. non-touristy/agricultural areas than south vs. north. Some villages in the very south of Hungary, like the ones the close to River Drava, are very remote and tranquil indeed. People living in cities keep their dogs as pets and companions, and of course they take them for their holidays. People in villages, on the other hand, keep their dogs to protect their properties, and they usually do not play with them: those dogs are simply "employees", whose "contract" does not include experiencing much kindness or entertainment. Nobody walks them anywhere - they spend their whole life in a village garden, sitting in the dust all day, often full of fleas. Dogs in villages are therefore not considered hygenic - that is why that waiter in a village restaurant wanted your dogs out, not because he or she was afraid of them. It is not appropriate in villages to let dogs come close to a dining table.

  • Strayhound
    Strayhound 6 hónapja

    That expensive wine from Tokaj was called “the wine of kings, the king of wines” by Louis XIV,

  • Amphicoelias
    Amphicoelias 7 hónapja

    Hi, I'm currently watching this from Eger, I'm glad you enjoyed our town.

  • Balázs Juhász
    Balázs Juhász 8 hónapja

    Nice video I really enjoyed it, but I wouldn't really agree with your statement that Budapest is cheap. If you haven't had a relative who owned an estate in Budapest, you would have to grind really hard to even get a small flat. For us hungarians Budapest is like Tokyo for the japanese or New York for the americans, it's a prestige place that most people can't afford nowadays.

  • Bendegúz Városi
    Bendegúz Városi 8 hónapja

    I've never heard about this type of approach of dividing the country, we're more like west and east part of Hungary, with river Duna and Budapest in the middle.

  • mardom moar
    mardom moar 2 hónapja

    Urban dwellers have a LOT of dogs as pets. Small villages, on the other hand, that still have a traditional way of life, do not relate to dogs as pets, but as guard dogs that have a job.

  • Sashimi
    Sashimi 8 hónapja

    Man I really want to try that wine now.

  • Jandor Captain
    Jandor Captain 8 hónapja

    btw there are no dangerous snakes in Hungary, we don't categorise it as a snake. worse thing that can happen if you touch it, it will release slime that smells horrible and hard to get rid of. Natrix tesselata

  • Berni Saho
    Berni Saho 7 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I think the real divide is between the West and the East, and not so much North and South. I recommend visiting for example Debrecen vs. Győr or Sopron, you will get completely different vibes. :) Tihany is also beautiful, if you haven't been there before.

  • Tootsie-rollingstone Travels

    Hungary looks amazing! I'm glad to hear your honest opinions. In the U.S. a lot of places won't let you bring your dogs either. No matter what breed or size. Lame. Hope all is well your way. 🥰

  • smiling80
    smiling80 7 hónapja

    Hungary has thousands of different faces.... Differences not only just inbetween Budapest and other places, nort or south, west or east, but every county, city, village has its own history, its own culture, its own native tales, songs, its own specialties in food and in drinks... Sopron is very different from Győr, or Veszprém from Székesfehérvár, Szeged from Kecskemét or Debrecen! Pécs from Mohács, Zala county from Somogy... Even if close to each other... Plus a lot of festivals from April to end of September.... Even in quiet villages... It's worth to visit it, different parts of Hungary make different kind of wine, Villány for example different from Tokaj or Eger or Balaton etc.

  • chucksbub
    chucksbub 6 hónapja

    Re dogs Magyars love them, I have been to Hungary many times and dogs are very much part of the culture so cannot understand why you didn’t see many.

  • Family World Wanderer

    Stayed in Budapest for 4 days and loved it. watching this make me realize how much more there is outside of budapest. Love their wine as well. How is coronavirus impacting you?

  • Borosné Dr. Moravcsik Gyöngyi

    I would like to suggest you next to time visit Tata, Sopron area, Pécs

  • Hunting Don
    Hunting Don 4 hónapja

    There’s a wine 🍷 tasting region near the Balaton as well it’s called Badacsonyi borvidék next time worth checking it out

  • Thomas Sztanek
    Thomas Sztanek 4 hónapja

    Well this is how you come away from Hungary. Have to say you haven't seen anything yet. Keep traveling with open eye.

  • telecom cowboy
    telecom cowboy 6 hónapja

    It's always fun the wine tasting 🤗 in Hungary I did it a few times (got drunk every time 🤪)

  • The Frank BS Show
    The Frank BS Show 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Lol i have sold my Camping caravan yesterday to Hungary greetings from Germany, nice Video, hope ur well, wish you all the best.

  • Torsten Szabolcs Sandor
    Torsten Szabolcs Sandor 3 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Hah ok so this North-South divide is really weird :) Never heard it before. We absolutely have an East-West divide with the east being much more traditional and the west more well, Western.

  • Andrea Ravn
    Andrea Ravn 1 hónapja

    I just moved to Hungary from Canada on a whim, and I actually used to buy Tokaji from the local liquor stores in Canada so they definitely do sell worldwide. In fact I believe the sweet Szamorodni is (or was) considered one of the most desirable wines for the elites. But don't quote me on that! I'm currently in quarantine for another few days but I can't wait to get out and see these sights. I've never been to Hungary prior to this (I just felt pulled to move here) but I'm personally not divided and I haven't even experienced that much since Covid has me prisoner, I just love this country so much already. I live in a small town called Monor just on the outskirts of the capital. It's quaint like most of the country. Thanks for sharing this view point! (Also, it's pronounced BudapeSHt)