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  • 2019. júl. 10.

  • So I got caught in the Lunar banwave. It says I was detected on MMC but I never got banned from MMC. (This happened a little while ago btw) I'm pretty confused about that seeing as I did not cheat on MMC and that is a server that I don't cheat on. (When I was uploading videos for Vape I was cheating on servers for footage) I even have Famous rank on MMC now and I'm not banned. Anyway, it seems I still have YT rank on Lunar the server but I can't open Lunar Client. It does not say I am banned on the Client, it just says Launching.. and then it goes back to Launch without Launching. Can anyone tell me if I'm banned / how to fix this problem? Thank you. Super old gameplay from my laptop Subscribe to my second channel xDDXDXD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxYV... Twitter : https://twitter.com/swaumpie Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/swaumpie Specs / Gear : Mouse : Logitech G502 Keyboard : Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Microphone : Blue Snowball


  • swamp
    swamp 1 éve

    "You guys are both dog oh my god, who is spamming me bro" - Jayden 2019

  • Cratise
    Cratise 1 éve

    I have the exact same problem - played on a smurf for warmup on mmc, didn't get banned or anything but I was banned in the wave LOL

  • Diderik
    Diderik 1 éve

    Had to use his regedit tweaker against cc!

  • AlaxZ
    AlaxZ 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    re-install your MC? i had the same problem as u and it fixed

  • Witt
    Witt 1 éve

    The sao cape maker himself, glad to see you're still making content⛽️

  • Reef Lee
    Reef Lee 1 éve


  • d0uble
    d0uble 1 éve


  • Supar
    Supar 1 éve

    Damn I just got unbanned and now you're banned

  • Everent
    Everent 1 éve

    quit using my skin >:(

  • Fizz
    Fizz 1 éve

    You probably aren't banned from lunar client, its just that it's buggy and sometimes it won't launch, I had this problem for a while until an update finally fixed it.

  • Legto
    Legto 1 éve

    Happend to me too, i removed lc completely and reinstalled it n it worked

  • Tyrell Bruce
    Tyrell Bruce 1 éve

    Your bot banned.. that's just a lunar client bug. Uninstall and reinstall should fix or look up tutorials on yt

  • sxcret
    sxcret 1 éve

    Plz give me that cape design XD

  • Vicensk
    Vicensk 1 éve

    Best in the game

    GEZUS 1 éve

    if you were banned the launch button would be red and it would say Banned

  • Talmage
    Talmage 1 éve

    I don't think you're banned my dude that just happens randomly to me

    SMIKOS YT 3 hónapja

    yo I know am late but... can u send me the texute pack link ? :)

  • dedonatedwam
    dedonatedwam 1 éve

    i thought u used manthe clicker on lc

  • [N B S] autoktovio
    [N B S] autoktovio 2 hónapja

    im still getting the same issue and idk how to fix it

  • AyoImPlebb
    AyoImPlebb 3 hónapja

    Honestly it happened to me and all I did was restart my pc but if that doesn’t work you can try re downloading it