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  • Premier dátuma: 2020. febr. 6.

  • "RUN" OUT NOW LISTEN: NECTAR OUT SEPTEMBER 25. PRE-ORDER: OFFICIAL MERCH: Follow Joji Follow 88rising Video Credits: Director - Aisultan Seitov Creative Producer - Daniel Yaro Executive Producer - Sara Nix Production Company - Partizan Entertainment Director of Photography - Xiaolong Liu Production Designer - Brielle Hubert Casting Director - Sarah Benjamin Casting Director - Gustavo Oliver BG Wardrobe Stylist - Cody Allen Hair & Makeup - Melissa Anchando Editor - Miles Trahan Color - Joseph Bicknell @ Company 3 VFX - Yelaman Buralkiev, Allan Amirkulov & Muhitdinov Nozim @ Buralqy


  • 88rising
    88rising 1 hónapja

    NECTAR, the new album by JOJI, out SEPTEMBER 25. PRE-ORDER:

  • FlyingKitty
    FlyingKitty 7 hónapja

    This guy looks like he bakes a good cake

  • ni ni
    ni ni 2 napja


  • Peter Ferguson
    Peter Ferguson 1 hónapja

    Filthy Frank has really cleaned up. He is now tidy Franklin.

  • thee deepa
    thee deepa 1 hónapja

    the obsession I have with this man is insane

  • kipster808
    kipster808 3 napja

    His vocal range is just incredible, he’s almost a chameleon with how different he makes his voice sound.

  • D'Angelo Wallace
    D'Angelo Wallace 7 hónapja

    every song this man releases, his vocals get better

  • Priya Choudhary

    Everyone in the comments : missing filthy Frank

  • Aaron
    Aaron 1 napja

    Watch the video in order:

  • scp- 173
    scp- 173 3 napja

    Joji: runs

  • lola
    lola 2 napja

    it's just obvious that he is leaving "secret" messages in hi songs and videos, but I cant find them s

  • Ten Second Songs
    Ten Second Songs 7 hónapja

    Hot damn this track is addictive.

  • TheXboxCat
    TheXboxCat 1 napja

    Theory: the "Wake up" voice is Filthy Frank's long lost MacBook 😂

  • gabt_bad lx
    gabt_bad lx 22 órája (szerkesztve)

    One minute of silence for the people who have not found this song.

  • Biggus Dickus_1

    Music: Did you do it?

  • Redock
    Redock 3 napja

    What if this is sequel of filthy frank's story. Just kidding.

  • Lady.Whatever
    Lady.Whatever 7 hónapja

    Why does he always look like he's been dead for two days

  • Little Moo
    Little Moo 2 hete

    No one can tell me that the guitar solo isn’t absolutely badass.

  • Kai
    Kai 2 napja

    Must be really uncomfortable to run while holding cntl

  • sharda singh
    sharda singh 2 hete

    The guitarist needs to be appreciated