JRE is Moving to Spotify Letöltés

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  • 2020. máj. 19.

  • https://spoti.fi/JoeRogan


  • Dylan Healy
    Dylan Healy 4 hónapja

    “Gentlemen, it has been a privilege commenting with you.”

  • Rat Boy
    Rat Boy 4 hete

    "THE ENTIRE JRE LIBRARY" Upload ALL of the missing episodes then

  • Megatron
    Megatron 4 hónapja

    Let's all submit feedback to spotify to add a comment section on Joe Rogan's podcast

  • AmoralTom
    AmoralTom 4 hete

    "The entire JRE library" lol liar

  • anew adult
    anew adult 4 hónapja

    Spotify probably promised him a lifetime supply of DMT to close the deal

  • Nathan River
    Nathan River 4 hónapja

    Let’s have a moment of silence for the nonexistent comment section on future podcasts

  • Ben Day Dot
    Ben Day Dot 4 hete (szerkesztve)

    “The entire JRE catalogue will be on Spotify.”

  • KeenSteezeTV
    KeenSteezeTV 3 hónapja

    “Jaimie, remember when we were on YouTube? Pull that up.” - Joe

  • AM257
    AM257 4 hete (szerkesztve)

    "The entire JRE library"

  • Michael
    Michael 4 hete

    "The entire JRE library will be availabe on spotify"... 50 podcasts are missing. So much for being a free speech advocate.

  • Broducts
    Broducts 4 hónapja

    R.I.P JRE comment section

  • TampaTec
    TampaTec 4 hónapja

    Joe are you still posting small clips on YouTube but full video versions on Spotify? 🤔 I didn't even know Spotify had video content.

  • nenad jovanovic
    nenad jovanovic 3 hónapja

    Imagine spotify brings him keanu reeves and dave chapelle for there first shows, that would be marketing on another level

  • Sjoerd ˈʃuːd

    "The entire JRE library", there are tons of episodes missing

  • A Jack
    A Jack 4 hónapja

    It feels like a good friend is moving out of state. We say we will keep in touch, but we know we wont.

  • Shahrooz Shadbakht
    Shahrooz Shadbakht 4 hete (szerkesztve)

    Full list of deleted episodes:

  • Saigalas Records
    Saigalas Records 4 hónapja

    I hope his first guest on Spotify is Alex Jones. It would break the internet lol

  • audin zamra
    audin zamra 3 hónapja

    How easy was to get rid of one of the most interesting podcast ever made.

  • Matthieu J
    Matthieu J 1 hete (szerkesztve)


  • Matthew Sisti
    Matthew Sisti 4 hónapja

    Joe "I'm moving to Spotify so I don't see any more comments with quotes between my name" Rogan