Lana Del Rey - Love LYRICS Letöltés

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  • 2017. márc. 19.

  • :)))


  • Lutfunnessa Islam

    If two strangers dance to this song they'll fall in love by the end of it.

  • Ms Dawngliani
    Ms Dawngliani 1 éve

    Like=Lana del Rey

  • Lizard Breath
    Lizard Breath 1 éve

    I feel like she's taking place of an old lady who's remembering her childhood and looking at the kids on the streets.

  • MacDave3
    MacDave3 1 éve

    I’m a 65 yr old guy and been through cancer hell last year but the sadness I feel in Lana’s best songs are comforting to me. She’s amazing!❤️

  • Shangri-La IsARealPlace

    She’s my favorite female singer that I ever heard in my life

  • kate allen
    kate allen 1 éve

    Listen to this at night and lay on your bed and close your eyes

  • morgana bisoni

    i feel like she is my mother

  • Vincent D L
    Vincent D L 2 éve (szerkesztve)


  • Del Li
    Del Li 1 éve

    This song makes me think of sitting on a roller coaster ride and you’re on the edge of a drop and you feel a huge wave of emotions coming at you

  • Fredo Martinez

    I like the video, the lyrics appear before she starts singing, so it's perfect...

  • Alice in wonderland Maina

    U ready u get all dressed up to go nowere in particular

  • strawberry smith

    this should be at the end of a disney movie. epic song.

  • abhinav rana
    abhinav rana 11 hónapja


  • Niyah’s Diary

    I literally sang the lyrics "To be young" for over a week, trying to remember the song. Then I remembered it from a concert I did in like 7th grade. I was going crazy. And then I was like "It's by Lana Del Rey!" and boom. I found it.

  • fire diamond fox

    Lana del Rey has an amazing voice

  • Autumn
    Autumn 1 éve

    Why does her voice make me so emotional, every time?

  • La Sal
    La Sal 1 éve

    Perfect song for teenage - young adults age 18-30

  • NightMime
    NightMime 1 éve

    I mean I love lana del rey but I am glad i paid attention to this song again, I felt as if it's directed to the new generation where it's heart over brains. It's a warm message really because most of the time we get shitted on etc millennials / gen zs.

  • Meliodas Walker

    My GF told me to listen to this song but I regret it but one day my GF get sick and she want to listen to this song and I play this song and when I hear it I almost cried in front of my GF

  • Spider Tingle
    Spider Tingle 1 éve

    Gently shake your phone and look at the background move