Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.14 Letöltés

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  • 2020. márc. 15.

  • Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.14. This world record is for 1.9+ (Any version after 1.9 up until 1.15.2). This was insanely hard and took weeks of failed attempts! Follow my socials: ➽ Twitter - @dreamwastaken ➽ Instagram - @dreamwastaken ➽ Snapchat - @dreampublic This was definitely a new experience. I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of headaches when trying to beat this record. I might start live streaming stuff like this in the future, although for now this was mostly a personal challenge for myself. It was a great feeling after all of the failure to come out with a success. Previous WR was 32:37 by IlluminaHD Speedrun Leaderboards: https://www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game Version: 1.14.4 Seed: 3120588097038515178 Difficulty: Normal


  • Dream
    Dream 6 hónapja

    This is for versions 1.9+ on a random seed glitchless. There are quicker times when using glitches, a set seed, or earlier versions.

  • ariq
    ariq 1 hónapja

    Dream's mom: We're leaving in half an hour.

  • Eden Mattiuz
    Eden Mattiuz 3 hete

    other people while speed running:

  • Steven Berry
    Steven Berry 3 hete

    "If you're an expert speedrunner, you don't make those mistakes"

  • Random Ravioli
    Random Ravioli 3 hete (szerkesztve)


  • The Fact Factory

    When i first saw it i thought he did it in 1.14 seconds

  • Lizard Brick
    Lizard Brick 6 hónapja

    It’s so quiet without George saying “dReaAaaM”

  • Ignas Vasilevskis

    When the first hostile mob you killed is the blaze

  • CriticFact
    CriticFact 4 hete

    Dream: found pigmens in 5 minutes

  • Declan MacGregor

    dream: *beats minecraft in 30 minutes

  • Atlas
    Atlas 2 hete

    No one:

  • stella nutella
    stella nutella 2 hónapja

    Normal speedrunners: average commentary

  • Ann N
    Ann N 2 hete

    imagine the rage if he actually fell to his death from the fortress

  • Milky_Toaster Gaming
    Milky_Toaster Gaming 3 hete (szerkesztve)

    Dream: *beats Minecraft in 30 minutes *

  • WasabiPolarBear
    WasabiPolarBear 3 hete (szerkesztve)

    Dream: "the next 8 minutes are just chopping wood, skip ahead to

  • Alex Farida
    Alex Farida 4 hete

    Dream: don’t even ask.

  • Sir Pomegranate
    Sir Pomegranate 6 hónapja

    “Let’s take an extra pearl, why not?”

  • Daniel Pitanga Mauriel

    Speedrunner: Beats minecraft without saying a single word. Dream: What is they added natural sex mobs, like they can evolve and reproduce...

  • Mohammad Rana
    Mohammad Rana 4 hete

    Mom: Get off that damn game you play all day!

  • Chloe & zoe
    Chloe & zoe 3 hete

    lol you got the achivement "take aim" hile fighting ENDER DRAGEN lol