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  • 2020. ápr. 25.

  • Complete restoration of a rare and very rusty brush cutting mower. Can I rescue it to a perfect running condition? 1961 Allen Champion 3 Brushcutter Mower Thank you to my Patrons https://www.patreon.com/daggerwin Music by Epidemic Sound


  • Mike TheNerd
    Mike TheNerd 4 hónapja

    And on this episode of "where quarantine lead me today"

  • Jon Salinas
    Jon Salinas 3 hónapja

    Clearly this guy isn’t a father because he isn’t grunting or mumbling “sh*t” while doing this

  • InsomniaFun
    InsomniaFun 4 hónapja

    This video is ASMR AF. No commentary, just the sound of ratchets, metal parts being assembled/disassembled, and nature. Mmmmm...

  • Video Video
    Video Video 3 hónapja

    When I was a kid back in the early 60's my neighbors had a yellow Lawnboy mower, 2 cycle with an aluminum deck. They moved, and back in the year 2000 they still had it and sold it at a consignment auction. Naturally, I bought it and after cleaning the carb a few times over the past 20 years that I have had it, and a little cleaning and bolt tightening now and then, she still runs to this day - ALL original parts!

  • Abdullah Amir
    Abdullah Amir 3 hónapja

    Any sane and adequate person: spends 90 minutes on a decent movie

  • Matt Cova
    Matt Cova 4 hónapja

    Why did I just spend over an hour watching this guy fix a lawnmower when I don’t even have a yard lol

  • Myles C
    Myles C 4 hónapja

    Wife: hey can you mow the lawn, it’s getting really overgrown?

  • Robert Kasa
    Robert Kasa 4 hónapja

    Seeing all the tools this guy has, I bet he carbon dated the grass remains to establish when this thing was built.

  • Fisty McBeefPunch
    Fisty McBeefPunch 2 hónapja

    I love how the piston just rolled over dead when the caption came up that it needed replaced. R.I.P. Piston and Rod you’ve earned your rest.

  • B. K. Hutterer
    B. K. Hutterer 2 hónapja

    This is practically a lecture course on general restorations, using a rare 60-year old mower as an example restoration project. Awesome!

  • Jacob Nolan
    Jacob Nolan 4 hónapja

    Anyone else get this in their recommended?

  • D’Aluidi
    D’Aluidi 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    There was a time when things were made with such nice engineering care, no wondering why it can be repaired after so many years...and still ready for more years to come. Great video.

  • Longtrek Plays
    Longtrek Plays 3 hónapja

    I got halfway through this video before realizing I wasnt watching Hand Tool Rescue.

  • Wheeler Maximus
    Wheeler Maximus 2 hónapja

    That restoration reminds me of my grandfather's machines that he used throughout the 1940s-1970s. I suppose he rebuilt them a few times. He was an orphan from age 9, ran away from the orphanage at 10 and raised himself pretty much by living off the land up in the Dakotas, sleeping in sheds and barns. Learned to cook and make do and never ever lost an opportunity to learn. He was a self taught math (and mechanical) genius and his Spencerian script hand writing was a thing of beauty.

  • talon55130
    talon55130 3 hónapja

    The only thing left is a couple of bicycle hand grips.

  • Lucas Peacock
    Lucas Peacock 2 hete (szerkesztve)

    Me: Thats a cool pice of old equipment, i wonder where he got it?

  • Corza 4x4
    Corza 4x4 4 hónapja

    I can’t believe I watched the whole thing! It was totally worth it.

  • Frank Mayer
    Frank Mayer 4 hónapja

    That's all well and good but someone could put their hands of feet under it where the blades are because there is no sticker explaining to them what a bad idea that would be.

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam 3 hónapja


  • MrPacMan36
    MrPacMan36 4 hónapja

    No music. No talking. Straight to the action.