Küldje el barátainak
  • 2020. máj. 17.

  • thank you sm for watching!!!! instagram: reference for fungal acne: what I use: Bioderma Micellar Water Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (10% off all Glossier aff link: Glossier The Solution Toner (10% off all Glossier aff link: Tower28 SOS Facial Spray Cerave Daily Moisturizer Milk Makeup Kush Lip Balm Glow Recipe Avocado Eye Sleeping Mask


  • Adé F
    Adé F 5 hónapja

    All i have learned in this life is cera ve. Acne? cera ve. dry skin? cera ve. life falling apart? CERA. VE.

  • asia lanzi
    asia lanzi 5 hónapja

    ughh yes another video! honestly I JUST needed this video! I’ve literally had sooo many breakouts since quarantine started lol

  • Ana Meneses
    Ana Meneses 5 hónapja

    When you cracked your neck I screamed inside, my face was like 😳, I had to stop the video for a bit ahahaha ❤️

  • Jamie jocelyn
    Jamie jocelyn 4 hónapja


  • HarmoniaAAxyridis
    HarmoniaAAxyridis 5 hónapja


  • Epicpanda S
    Epicpanda S 3 hónapja

    You’re tattoos!!!! You’re whole entire aesthetic, it’s so calming and cool!! I’m so glad I found your channel :-) you’re so chill !!!

  • 10KewlPerson10
    10KewlPerson10 5 hónapja

    I thought I had fungal acne because I had the small bumps on my forehead and I used nezerol but it didn't really work. Before this, I never had a skin care routine, did not even use a moisturizer lol because I never really had problems with my skin until these pesky bumps! Turns out they were just dehydration bumps. My skin was just really dry and I started using cerave baby moisturizer and drinking more water and they completely cleared up!

  • Nat A
    Nat A 5 hónapja

    Omg, I've never been this early - I adoreeee you, and also think I have a teeeny (huge) crush on you. You are just radiant

  • Maarya S
    Maarya S 5 hónapja

    I have sensitive combination skin too and used to have cystic hormonal acne as well. I discovered African Black soap a few years back and it got rid of my acne within a month. It's way too drying to use daily, but it worked for me personally.

  • nour
    nour 5 hónapja

    when she cracked her neck, I gasped so fckn loud

  • Kirsty Fiona
    Kirsty Fiona 5 hónapja

    I clicked for the skincare, but really resonated with what you said about being in lockdown. At first, it was a bit of a novelty and I enjoyed being alone, however now, it's been 8 weeks I am feeling so restless, and I too feel "bad" about whether or not I am being productive or not. It really gets into the depths of my insecurities and has a major effect on my mood, often making me more unproductive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts toward the end, I really appreciated it.

  • viv
    viv 5 hónapja

    how to get clear skin: stan mei

  • Rânâ
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  • Dinna
    Dinna 5 hónapja

    Your forehead is literally SO SMOOTH I'm jealous!!! I would recommend though, use a cotton pad or one of those machine-washable makeup removing pads instead of a towel! Towels can be really harsh on the skin when you're rubbing, especially around the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes. It's like you're physically exfoliating that skin, which can be really rough on it, especially after doing this over a long period of time. Just a rec tho! Love the products you're using!

  • Camilo Herrera
    Camilo Herrera 5 hónapja

    I recommend you to watch these following youtubers Hyram, James Welsh, Dr dray, Susan Yara, and Liah yoo these are like the skincare gods every bit of knowledge I have on skincare I owe it to them.

  • Its Haydi
    Its Haydi 5 hónapja

    Just wanted to say you are SOOO beautiful 🌻

  • Janetta Young
    Janetta Young 4 hónapja

    You was on my Google feed I seen you in an article from inked about your mirrored tatoos how cool 🙌

  • Patricia Lay Cardoso

    omggg im early early. 3 views dang. but girl i just wanna say keep doing what you doing because everytime i see you upload i genuinely get so excited. your vibe. all your personality ,everything inspires me to be me because i see that within you :) also i fell in love with the song sweet holy honey because of you and am gonna get it tatted soon ;)

  • Elyssa Bickford
    Elyssa Bickford 5 hónapja

    Anyone else have ridiculous mask acne? 😭

  • Samantha Meyers
    Samantha Meyers 5 hónapja

    'oh I look like an egg'🤣❤️