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  • 2018. febr. 18.

  • a lil cover of one of my favorite songs by the 1975. i adore them, and their style is so distinct and unique, i knew not to try to replicate it. so, this is my version, a little more somber and not as well played on guitar. also lacks that cigarette grit that our boy matty has long cultivated, hahsjdfkilovehim. i hope you like it anyways~ this song is special to me. i remember listening to it a million times over and over on the bus to and from school. this is one of those songs that no matter who you are and where you are in life, you can't help but think of someone in your past when it plays. awfully bittersweet but i love it. i'm currently writing from the airport. just landed. gonna be spending some time to clear my head in my hometown (it's much quieter than los angeles). i'll see you again in a bit~ much love, -cone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Places to find me! Spotify: conegray // conan gray iTunes: Instagram: @conangray Twitter: Tumblr: For BUSINESS ONLY: Please Contact


  • Delaney Hillman
    Delaney Hillman 11 hónapja

    he went from this to having matty healy giving him cheek kisses

  • chloe
    chloe 2 éve

    My sexuality is Conan singing 'and com'on baby'

  • becky work
    becky work 2 éve

    my wig just went on tour and so should you

  • topaz emerald
    topaz emerald 1 éve

    the holy conan trinity:

  • pale blue sunshine

    So i heard The 1975 did a cover of this song

  • e xuxi
    e xuxi 5 hónapja

    if you’re here you have the superior music taste

  • foul fiend
    foul fiend 2 éve

    Could you cover Sufjan Stevens's "Mystery of Love" someday?

  • Nadine Felice
    Nadine Felice 2 éve

    This is beautiful

  • zo
    zo 2 éve (szerkesztve)


  • pesrl !!
    pesrl !! 2 éve


  • ¡sardonyx!
    ¡sardonyx! 2 éve

    Hostage by Billie Eilish? I think he would sound so heavenly on that song ✨😍

  • Savannah Dallin

    the people who disliked this couldn’t see through their tears and hit that button on accident

  • ThankWeen
    ThankWeen 7 hónapja

    I still come back to his older covers even now when he’s becoming more and more popular. It makes me even more proud and happy for him that this talent is being shared with the world. Makes me a little emotional but also extremely happy. Keep being genuine Conan, that’s all we could ever ask for. Much love 💕

  • miriam t.
    miriam t. 1 éve

    wow it made a year. look at conan singing in his room and now he is performing with panic at the disco and having sold out shows. im soooo proud of how far he has gotten. 333

  • kai
    kai 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    People still vibing in 2020 while listening to this video

  • Salina Husic
    Salina Husic 11 hónapja

    Ok but ur actual room looks like one of those lofi backgrounds but irl???? Imagine being that aesthetic

  • Sydney Nguyen
    Sydney Nguyen 2 éve

    this just raised my gpa and watered my crops...

  • Markel
    Markel 2 éve

    I wish this was on Spotify

  • Ame
    Ame 7 hónapja

    im sitting here with my chromebook, doing my schoolwork, and listening to Conan's covers while children play outside and doves coo. my windows are open and the tree leaves are swaying outside. im the most relaxed and at peace than ive been in a while

  • Billy Russell
    Billy Russell 9 hónapja

    so this show up on everyone’s recommended again?