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  • 2015. szept. 14.

  • Our animation courses: What are the different types of animation? How do each of them work? Styles covered: Traditional animation 2D Vector based animation 3D computer animation Motion graphics Stop motion 6:10 - Work by Doctor Puppet Facebook: Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bloop Animation is an animation channel featuring in depth video about animation, weekly animation news and video tutorials. Don't forget to subscribe if you liked this video!


  • Ashley LaFond
    Ashley LaFond 4 éve

    clay animation scares me.

  • Ketchup.
    Ketchup. 3 éve

    There is actually

  • Jared Owen
    Jared Owen 1 éve

    Neat! I just found out the type of animation that I've been doing is motion graphics. Thanks for this video

    DEMONSTRIA WOO 6 hónapja

    “Adobe Flash is cheap”

  • Sn Ow
    Sn Ow 3 éve

    5 types of animations:

  • Kisah Bella Kecil

    we make 2D animation for kids. cheers

  • The Commentator


  • I don't ship Larry anymore I ship Houis

    I really want to become an animator. This video was really fascinating. One day I hope I'll also do something great like this...

  • Amy Lyons
    Amy Lyons 2 éve

    Im really interested in computer animation. Im only 13 but im really into drawing and want to learn how to animate. Its my life goal right now and it will not probably change in a long time c:

  • Sir Isaac
    Sir Isaac 4 éve

    I'm traditional/2D :D It's a challenge, but it's fun.

  • Mine Poki
    Mine Poki 6 hónapja

    Nothing can beat the traditional animation

  • Reza Koplak406

    "flash is cheap"

  • Goos
    Goos 1 éve

    Making the animation in 3D is quite easy, but making the models and the scene is very hard and requires upto hours of work.

    SHABAN AHMAD VLOGS 4 hónapja


  • Eggs & Garlic
    Eggs & Garlic 4 éve

    traditional is my favourite style of animation but I have a special respect for stop motion because of how hard it is

  • Ali Abdul-Kareem

    "3D animation is just called animation be cause it is just the most popular"

  • RaisinGaming100


  • Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Sharma 4 hónapja

    Who is here after seeken video

  • K B
    K B 4 hónapja

    Here after seeken?

  • Saggy Chaudhari
    Saggy Chaudhari 4 hónapja

    Who is here from Seeken🖤