The Octo-Bouncer Letöltés

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  • 2020. márc. 2.

  • Arduino project with 120 FPS OpenCV image processing and smooth stepper motor moves. The machine calculates the ball's 3D position from the image processing data and uses this information to control the orange ping pong ball. A big thanks to the people at e-con Systems for supplying me with a superb See3CAM_CU135 camera which I used in this project. Find out more about the camera here: This machine requires the following things to work: - 1x Teensy 4.0 Microcontroller - 4x StepperOnline DM442S stepper motor drivers - 4x Nema 17 Stepper Motors with 5:1 planetary gearbox - 1x 48V 8A power supply - 1x e-con Systems See3CAM_CU135 camera - 1x Windows Computer with OpenCV installed on it - All the parts defined the Fusion360 project - Custom Windows Application (made with Unity) Read more here: Complete code and Fusion360 data on Github: I machined all the aluminium parts this machine is made of with a Benbox CNC 1310: (This is an affiliated link. You are supporting the channel if you're buying the Benbox CNC 1310 via that link.)


  • The Great Momba
    The Great Momba 5 hónapja

    Humans: AI is going to take over the world

  • Pilot Plays
    Pilot Plays 4 hónapja

    Machine: Clearly bouncing a ping-pong ball

  • Mooneri
    Mooneri 4 hónapja

    Me: "Ok brain, time to goto sleep"

  • FlyingBanana
    FlyingBanana 4 hónapja

    I want to have one as a coffee table and invite friends over. Then laugh like crazy when it starts bouncing their snacks all over the place.

  • Billy Blues
    Billy Blues 4 hónapja

    When you can’t sleep at night bc your octo-bouncer can balance a ping pong ball for eternity

  • Torqued Af
    Torqued Af 4 hónapja

    I like how his computer is just in the background dying

  • D3L7A Z7R1K3
    D3L7A Z7R1K3 4 hónapja

    "You ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?"

  • Josh Blount
    Josh Blount 4 hónapja

    Investor: And what are the applications this could be used for?

  • asdas safasd
    asdas safasd 4 hónapja

    Plot twist: The Ball was the AI all along

  • Day142
    Day142 4 hónapja

    That's the most useless yet most interesting machine I've ever seen in my life.

  • Long Rod von Hugendong
    Long Rod von Hugendong 6 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    This is the guy who can help me set up my printer

  • K M
    K M 4 hónapja

    I would put this on my balcony at hot summer day when all windows are open and let it run for a day just to drive my neighbors crazy..

  • KalsarikänniT
    KalsarikänniT 4 hónapja

    Ball bouncing machine

  • deanmoncaster
    deanmoncaster 4 hónapja

    I see this and it makes me realise that sitting at home playing gears of war 4 isn't that productive.

  • Jameson M.
    Jameson M. 6 hónapja

    Can hear it already:

  • Sthego
    Sthego 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Me: Well... It's bedtime and I-

  • Lord seafood
    Lord seafood 4 hónapja

    Octo-Bouncer: exists

  • Mommu
    Mommu 4 hónapja

    Never thought i would see in my life that is so brilliant/amazing yet so useless at the same time

  • Sean Kim
    Sean Kim 4 hónapja

    Nuh~uh, this is exactly what I searched for. I was curious about our society’s progress with ball bouncing machines.