Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs & Secrets of 2019 Letöltés

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  • 2019. dec. 30.

  • Patreon: Twitter: Letterboxd: Another year, another list... and I think this is a pretty good one. I hope you enjoy it too! No.9: 01:30 No.8: 03:01 No.7: 05:20 No.6: 06:29 No.5: 07:50 No.4: 09:23 No.3: 11:09 No.2: 12:37 No.1: 16:09 Huge thanks to these guys for helping with the Crabs EE: Smeag ( Lexin ( Captain Weetos Casidass ( NUG ( Cheapet50 Melatonin God piano song: outro song:


  • FunWithGuru
    FunWithGuru 8 hónapja

    Another year, another list. 2019 was a surprisingly eventful year for me on YouTube, and I want to thank you all so much for sticking around. I'm really tired so I honestly have no idea what to write here, so imma just wrap it up. Happy New Year, everyone! 3

  • 切腹
    切腹 8 hónapja

    That crab rave easter egg is clearly the best out of all of the list.

  • BRYC3K0NG123
    BRYC3K0NG123 8 hónapja


  • Spartinel
    Spartinel 8 hónapja

    No matter the quality of the Battlefield game itself, Dice always knows how to kill it in the EE department.

  • Jakub w
    Jakub w 8 hónapja

    Thers something incredibly calming when you watch a gameplay and thers no music or shooting (almost) Just footsteps. And pew pew:)

  • Filipe
    Filipe 8 hónapja


  • Azzeh
    Azzeh 8 hónapja

    You’re so underrated! I can’t believe after all those years you still haven’t hit 1 million. You’re really pure and a genuine hard worker. Keep grinding and hopefully you’ll hit the 1 million mark by 2021!

  • Anh Tiến
    Anh Tiến 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I was expecting Crab Rave reference, and I wasn’t disappointed.

  • OwO
    OwO 8 hónapja

    Fascinating, looks like Guru will end the unknown year of 2019 with a nice fresh video of his chosen list. That's a great way to end the decade

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 8 hónapja

    It's been an incredible decade for this channel. Here's to another one, bring on 2020 🎊🎉

  • TeZoKi
    TeZoKi 8 hónapja

    "Spend forever looking for boxes..." I've always loved how Guru keeps information at a minimum.

  • veo
    veo 8 hónapja


  • Yusup Abdurrahman
    Yusup Abdurrahman 8 hónapja

    FunWithGuru: "This is My Top Ten EasterEgg 2019"

  • afnan iman azman
    afnan iman azman 8 hónapja

    Kid guru: this will be my last video

  • - Mitch
    - Mitch 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    That first COD joint (with the mannequins in love, haha) is actually adorable, lol. Great list, thanks!

  • Humberto Mateo
    Humberto Mateo 8 hónapja


  • vanicy
    vanicy 8 hónapja


  • The Gaming Panda
    The Gaming Panda 8 hónapja

    Can't belive I got to watch the start and "end" of one of the best ee chanels on the platform.

  • coldbabydom
    coldbabydom 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Omg my heart dropped when he said "this will probably be my last video........of the year"