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  • 2018. júl. 3.

  • Top 7 *UNEXPECTED EVER ACTS* BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT AUDITIONS! 7. Nicholas - Orchestra 6. Innova Irish Dancers - Dance Group 5. Sora - Illusionist 4. Magus Utopia - Magician 3. Christine Tew - DJ 2. Olena Uutai - Harpist 1. Brian Howe - Singer Tags: shocking auditions, britains got talent auditions, britains got talent 2015, britains got talent 2018, bgt, bgt auditions, britains got talent shocking auditions, bgt amazing auditions, best kid auditions, bgt surprising audition, shocking moments in britains got talent, amazing magician on bgt, best auditions on britains got talent, shocking auditions, amazing voice audition, Nicholas, Nicholas britains got talent, Nicholas orchestra, Nicholas shocking auditions, orchestra audition, nicholas britains got talent 2017, Innova Irish Dancers, Innova Irish Dancers britains got talent, Innova Irish Dancers dance group, Innova Irish Dancers shocking auditions, Sora, Sora britains got talent, Sora illusionist, Sora shocking audition, Sora unexpected audition, Magus Utopia, Magus Utopia britains got talent, Magus Utopia magician, Magus Utopia shocking auditions, Magus Utopia unexpected audition, Christine Tew, Christine Tew britains got talent, Christine Tew grandmother, unexpected audition Christine Tew, shocking audition, grandmother dj bgt, Olena Uutai, Olena Uutai britains got talent, Olena Uutai harpist artist, Brian Howe, Brian Howe britains got talent, Brian Howe shocking auditions, Brian Howe surprising voice


  • Claudia Escobar

    All the guys in the crowd waiting for the girl to take her clothes off

  • Arshia Ghatak
    Arshia Ghatak 4 hónapja

    *Simon's Job*: to judge the act

  • Jeremy Hilbrands
    Jeremy Hilbrands 4 hónapja

    When simon started dancing with david was the moment something historical happend

  • Silvia georgevia

    The Japanese man killing it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 6 hónapja


  • Legend 24hrs
    Legend 24hrs 6 napja

    Youtube2018- Nah!

  • Bernard Vonecke
    Bernard Vonecke 5 hónapja

    The security guard, my new hero!

  • Soltz
    Soltz 4 hónapja

    Person: has an average audition

  • Nut Twins
    Nut Twins 3 hónapja

    it is sooo funny to see an elderly lady being sooo energetic. more than me even

  • Chralz Delvaz
    Chralz Delvaz 2 napja (szerkesztve)

    why that Russian Girl wearing a wind chimes 😂 but that talent is fantastic 💖

  • Sergio Melo
    Sergio Melo 1 napja

    how the human being is capable of doing wonderful things

  • I AM
    I AM 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I only wish God had blesses me with such talent. The judges are soooooooooo lucky to witness every show.

  • Marie_love
    Marie_love 2 hónapja


  • Kermit
    Kermit 3 hónapja

    How to be a famous girl

  • Teo K
    Teo K 4 hónapja

    Well, i should be studying...

  • Avan - Games
    Avan - Games 3 hónapja


  • SockPuppet Granny

    Okay so NOBODY saw the instruments in the audience? Sure, you can just hide a tuba in your purse.

  • DaigreDagger
    DaigreDagger 3 hónapja

    “ dont try this at home”

    FRIDA THEFREAK 5 napja


  • Vivian Lee Thomas
    Vivian Lee Thomas 4 hónapja

    Simon and David are looking so sweet when they are dancing.