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  • This information will change the way you think about the history of humanities origins. What implications does this have for us today?.New Website Bonus Content, Join the Community! : https://5thkind.tv .Paul's Book "Escaping from Eden" U.S: https://amzn.to/2S3yN1Y - U.K https://amzn.to/36ZnsEH In this Book, Paul documents the links within the Sumerian creation account: The word Annunaki, he explains, means “Those who came from the heavens to Earth,” a phrase that made clear their extraterrestrial origins. Many of the world’s oldest mythologies claim that governance over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by superior beings or “gods.” And then the job of rulership gets handed over at a later stage to human governors or Kings.. The Bible originated from the ancient Sumerian text. Text found with the same story. Pre-dating the Biblical accounts by thousands of years. Documenting Ancient Aliens. The Sumerian story begins with the rulers coming down from the heavens. And the glyph for these rulers is a symbol pointing to the sky! The Annunaki were from the heavens. They were sky people! - WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary We know this information can be alot to take in.. If you want some help to De-Stress... Check out our NEW Mind & Body Relaxation Channel Guided Meditation, Scripted and read by Mr. Paul Wallis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW07F...


  • The 5th Kind
    The 5th Kind 9 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    New Website Bonus Content, Join the Community! :

  • Madj 1970
    Madj 1970 6 hónapja

    Covid-19 has proven we aren’t ready for a higher civilization. We fight over toilet paper.

  • Elcatracho
    Elcatracho 1 hónapja

    Smoked a fat blunt and ended up here. Now I’m on my balcony looking up at the sun with my welding shield in trynna find UFOs

  • D Flores
    D Flores 2 napja

    Read the Book of Enoch that is actually mentioned in the Bible…in the Book of Jude.

  • Everdine Stenger

    As somebody said: There is enough for man's need, but never enough for man's greed which is so very true.

  • MrBrazilliant
    MrBrazilliant 1 napja

    Humans: "Aliens are real."

  • Shadow Dawn L
    Shadow Dawn L 1 hónapja

    Because I'm not crazy it's not just me...people can feel it, something is coming and it's not going to be good. People have lost the ability to trust to have faith in something bigger than themselves. People are tired of feeling empty and desperately need to fill a hole in themselves.

    RYAN JEANSON 2 napja (szerkesztve)


  • marla c
    marla c 1 hónapja

    The government doesn’t just stop looking for stuff. They just don’t share it

  • Anecdotal1
    Anecdotal1 3 napja

    It's really sad that ancient advanced civilizations didn't have soap or toilet paper!

    NTUMWA GIDEON 2 hónapja

    Imagine scrolling through comments because you're bored and you land on my comment

  • Rich Dotcom
    Rich Dotcom 2 hete


    HARDCORE 11 1 napja

    Imagine we re just a university project of some ananaki guy,who got D

  • Wooly Highlander

    "they" will never tell us mere citizens about our true origins,else they lose total control over their enslavement of us  !

  • vgfx_labs
    vgfx_labs 3 hete

    "... and there were giants in the earth in those days ..."

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King 1 napja

    If it's about why humans are doing here and their history it should remain free to the public.

  • Alfred Harrison
    Alfred Harrison 1 hónapja

    Jesus even says IN THE BIBLE "I am not of this world"!

  • houd imn
    houd imn 1 hete (szerkesztve)

    juste like Darwin's theory is not stupid enough -_-

  • Candice Guzman Petra Villegas
    Candice Guzman Petra Villegas 1 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Abraham was called to LEAVE his family and their false gods

    TDM MCL 3 hónapja

    we are not human beings living a spiritual experience. We are spirit beings experiencing a human existence. (source, unknown to me)