XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores (Audio) Letöltés

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  • 2017. aug. 25.

  • Official Audio by XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores (Audio) © 2017 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE


  • Lucid Soundz
    Lucid Soundz 7 hónapja

    How is this song almost 2 years old and still gives me chills every listen. Miss you X.

  • Kayla Hinds
    Kayla Hinds 4 napja

    2017: lil peep

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana 1 napja

    he used to be one of the "Yung Bratz"

  • labak_nezinat
    labak_nezinat 2 napja

    My girlfriend said this song sucked, now she's single.

  • XXX Fan123
    XXX Fan123 1 napja

    To everyone who is still watching this, you all are true fans.

  • Happy Power
    Happy Power 1 éve

    I miss X...

  • Neon Minasyan
    Neon Minasyan 3 napja

    Don't cry because he died." Smile because he was born."

  • Fang 947
    Fang 947 23 órája

    Fun fact: he made this song because of a girl he hired whom had suicidal thoughts and many of attempts at suicide and in attempt to save her he flew her over to help him and next he flew someone else over and they got into a fight and she was escorted to her hotel and then she went to the bathroom and stayed there people went there and checked on her she never left until the police got involved and open the door to see the lifeless teen😞

  • labak_nezinat
    labak_nezinat 2 napja

    Just Imagine how many people's come here everyday.

  • L U C A S
    L U C A S 3 napja

    Essa música ficou 1000x mais triste depois que ele morreu :(((

  • AlphaShred TV
    AlphaShred TV 2 éve

    Maybe X gone for find Jocelyn!🙄

  • EgorKa
    EgorKa 1 napja

    Он умер.. Но в наших сердцах икс будет жить вечно🥺❤️

  • OoferMcOofer
    OoferMcOofer 4 napja

    Girls: Billie Eilishes music is so sad

  • Yusuf Habibi
    Yusuf Habibi 1 napja

    Where are my real X fans who knew him before he died?😞

  • Kayla Hinds
    Kayla Hinds 4 napja

    Jocelyn Flores

  • InYourChill
    InYourChill 2 éve

    Never forget you 😟

  • savage tavageVEVO

    XXXTENTACION Is not dead, he just has a studio in heaven..😭😭😭😢

  • Elenx
    Elenx 3 napja

    a música era pesada pq falando de uma pessoa q morreu, agora são a q canta e aq estão falando pqp✊🏾😪🖤

  • Ib5terdude287
    Ib5terdude287 4 napja

    Who ever listening in 2020 is a real x fan R.I.P 😢😩😟

  • Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos

    Stop saying "R.I.P" he's alive when I press "Play".