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  • 2018. dec. 4.

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    REACT 1 éve

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  • ShockinglyWiz
    ShockinglyWiz 1 éve

    Well I mean.... Even though Colleen is co-starring alongside Ariana in the video, I don't think it's just because she's a youtuber lol. They are literally like best friends, and they have known each other since before Ariana found fame.

  • A J
    A J 1 éve

    Soooo no one peeped the Cat & Robbie reunion in the bathroom?👀😂

  • Julie AM
    Julie AM 1 éve

    "Oh the bend and whip or whatever, the whipper-snap, bend and crack" 😂

  • Caley Drake
    Caley Drake 1 éve

    tell me how thank you, next is a better youtube rewind than youtube rewind

  • Eliana Lopez
    Eliana Lopez 1 éve


  • Britiana .R.
    Britiana .R. 1 éve

    Not that much people saw the Easter egg of Ariana having her real mom sitting in the audience behind kris when kris is dancing.

  • Detergent
    Detergent 1 éve

    James is so confused

  • HopeWorld!
    HopeWorld! 1 éve


  • Shorty Salas
    Shorty Salas 1 éve

    "Its a bop as the kids say" thats great

  • Cat
    Cat 1 éve

    Ariana reacts to youtubers reacting to ariana grandes thank u next

  • Rakul
    Rakul 1 éve

    I love how James just doesn't get anything that's going on.

  • Mia Hengelsberg

    Victoria Justice can’t sit with us

  • Lost and gone sis

    The straight guys didn’t have any idea what the movies where lmao

  • Paulien van Dulst

    I think everybody forgets that Colleen is an old time friend of Ariana ( they're family friends) and knew her before nickelodeon so even before her starrdom

  • Lauren Jackson

    Legit features more Youtubers than YouTube rewind

  • Bella Leeper
    Bella Leeper 1 éve

    vanessa: as in he’s tall

  • Evelyn Grajales

    “HUUUUUUUUUUGE” as in he’s tall ?

  • Shaelynn Marie

    If you can get Ariana Grande reacting to Youtubers reacting to thank u, next

  • Naturally Stylish

    Saw Kris Jenner and was instantly like, "You're doing amazing sweetie!!"